Just a few life drawings by some artists i really enjoy and take inspiration from.

Nude Woman, back view, 1914 - Egon Schiele

I really love Schiele but this one totally blew me away as it looks almost as if he has stitched back into the painting.

by Conrad Roset

Roset has an amazing technique of drawing very delicate and beautiful pictures and then almost brashly paints with bright colours, highlighting areas.

Kaan Tilki // by Richard Burdbridge // styled by Robbie Spencer // Dazed & Confused, June 2011

Again, simple picture highlighted by stitch and embroidery. I’ve used the technique of photographs and stitch and would like to work back in to that technique as it gives “source” photographs another lease of life.

gouache painting by n-tscheremushkina

Again, a very simple painting with the main emphasise on the colour and shape. I love that it lacks detail but is a very bold painting.



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