The Two Dollar Angry Bear, Furoshiki.

Won Park has very nimble fingers to make these incredible origami sculptures out of dollar bills. The two dollar angry bear is my favourite.

Two Dollar Angry Bear by Won Park

It’s incredible how he managed to get details from the dollar in the right places for the bears eyes to make it look slightly manic!

This is another one that hopefully i don’t need to tell you what it is. (Or is that just me being incredibly geeky….)

Millenium Falcon By Won Park

He has an incredible range of sculptures which make me very jealous of his skill.

Origami is something that i’ve always had a keen interest in, from watching my sister make these beautiful cranes when we were little. I was always too “fat fingered” to be able to do them. Mine always had wonky wings and broken beaks.

However, i did revert back to origami in my earlier years at university, looking at basic designs that were relatively easy to make!
I’m wanting to bring origami in to my project as a technique to use, looking at the shapes and lines but also as an end subject (hopefully!)

I found the art of Furoshiki through my job outside of my studies. It’s the art of folding fabric.

The origins of furoshiki date back to the Nara period (710 – 794 AD). It was used to wrap clothes at the Shosoin (a structure at the Todai temple in Nara, Japan).

We use it to wrap up bath bombs and soaps though! It saves us from using cardboard boxes and wrapping paper that just end up in the bin. So very eco friendly. And they look great.

Multi-purpose people. It’s a great thing of the future.


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