Does a mark matter?

I’ve just had a very frank conversation with my mum, dad and significantly more intelligent sister about where my life seems to be heading, now the deadline is looming.

I said, quite simply, “I don’t care what mark i get. It’s not about the mark.”

An intake of breath i heard there as you read that line.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing. I really, really, love it. But i’d rather that showed through my designs, now and in the future, than what’s on a piece of paper.

I’d love a First. Hell, who wouldn’t?! But I’m realistic with a dash of pessimistic thrown in there. I know i have and will continue to try my hardest with my degree. So on effort, a first, yes? But who’s to say that i haven’t worked my hardest? And should that one mark reflect on the rest of my life and my work? I’m sure it doesn’t, but it means an incredible amount to the people out their who are about to graduate in the next few months.

I genuinely believe that in art and design, and something like textiles ( as i can’t well go blabbing my mouth off about this and say it applies to everyone if I’ve not tried all the subjects.) the mark doesn’t matter all that much. ( Please, tell me if I’m being too cocky and getting 5 sizes too big in my boots. ) It’s about what you are producing, and hopefully your passion, for what you are doing.  Id hope that future employees are going to look at my work rather than my mark.

Education is always about learning, but with me, studying textiles at duncan of jordanstone is a stepping stone to learning. Yes, OK, I am learning, and learning so much; I’m gaining all the skills i need as a printer in interiors right now, building up a portfolio and being shown some of the way on how to be a designer.
But it’s a bit like driving a car, we never really learn until we are out there, experiencing it all. Right?

Right. So who wants to give me an internship…?Anyone? Anyone?…

Like i say, i’ll never truly learn what it’s like to be an interior designer in the “real world” until i get my first internship.


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