In the next few days my work is going to be put up in Duncan Of Jordanstone’s Degree Show and on Wednesday i have  to present my work to my tutors and examiners. Scary stuff, considering i hate standing up and talking in a serious note. Luckily I’m second in line to be seen so it will be over and done with in a flash. 

Then i can relax for a week until i receive my marks back. It will be like waiting to hear back from DOJ to see if i got in or not all over again!

I love what I’ve produced and very pleased and proud of it. That’s not something you’ll hear very often from me. Always critical of my own work. But most artist are, and should be. Otherwise we wouldn’t get anywhere.

There will be a huge relief after Wednesday, as I’d like to say id be able to jump on my new knitting machine that i received for an early birthday present, or start scribbling away on a newly purchased graphics pad. But, I’m having to clean, clean, clean.

My room is a tip (as every creative persons room should be 😉 ) with 4 years worth of, um well junk would be the word to others, but materials to me. Papers, pencils, paints, pastels, pigments and yeah, you get the gist.

Also cleaning the house from top to bottom, as with every year for the past 5, we are having a small gathering of people to celebrate the degree show and my birthday. And this year it’s my degree show 🙂

I’m glad i’m itching to get a start on a new project, as it terrifies me to think of not having that drive to design.

I’ll just have to buy out the college material shop of their sketch books before i leave first…


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