Taking the back burner.

So my marine inspired project? It’s having to take a back step just now as since coming back from New Designers last week it’s been incredibly hectic. Today has been the first day where i’ve been able to clean up my room/studio in a long time. It’s still not totally clean, but I’ve had to do other things 😉

Like, emailing, form filling, emailing,sending letters, emailing. Type up an invoice, of which i won’t say who it’s for yet. But will do in a few days.
But also, I’ve been doing some quick designing for Tiger Prints, Design A Print competition. Now, stupidly i left my computer at home while i was in London, so i returned home on the 4th July and realised that the competition finished at midnight on 5th July.
I know i don’t have any inch of a chance of winning but i thought id give it a go and whipped up 5 designs in the few hours on the 5th that i had spare.
It was great to work quickly and get back into designing after the few weeks off. So for that, i feel i’ve benefited greatly. Even if the designs aren’t the most amazing pieces of work i’ve ever done.




All very different from what id normally do, with little colour and very geometric. Maybe my class mates have been rubbing off on me!

Back to those emails i guess…


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