The middle of August already?

My goodness, how time is flying. Before we know it i’ll be having my mid life crisis.

The past month has been a huge wizz and filled to the brim with exciting news.

Firstly, i have landed myself a lovely freelance job with Acorn Conceptual Textiles down in the gorgeous city of Nottingham.
I’m working from home to get 10 designs done for the end of this month just now so they can be looked at and possibly sent off with the company to Premier Vision/Indigo in Paris in September…very, very exciting! And that’s only the one of many trade shows that this company goes to!
I’ve been incredibly lucky with getting this freelance job as the director of the company actually couldn’t make it to New Designers this year, but one of her other freelancers saw my work and gave her my business card! The luck of that!
I’m pushing my floral work further as the director really liked what i was doing with them. And when i get a good scanner (as the one i currently have is awful and slowly dying on me) i’m going to push my cyanotypes further into digital designs.

So that’s one! The next is that i’m almost finished getting my work printed off and ready to send down to enter into Design New Britain Awards that will be judged at the end of the year.
Another is waiting to hear back from Sketch, as i was shortlisted for Creative Innovation Award 2012. Their judging takes place next month so everything crossed for that!

The job hunting, well more internships and graduate job positions hunting continues. Lucky to have things that are keeping me busy so i really can’t complain too much. Though maybe about the increase in train fares, but that’s another blog!

Here’s a design i’m not going to submit to acorn as i do have stronger, so i can safely post it here for you all to see. Just something a little different from what i’ve done for my final year project.


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