That long over due blog post…

I know a few people who will be glad that i’ve finally had the time to sit down and write this. So so much has been happening that it’s taken me this long to grab the chance to write this up.

Firstly, i’ve been incredibly lucky. So so so very lucky with everything that has happened since i’ve left university. I honestly cannot believe my luck.

The last few months have been a whirlwind, with an increase in hours at my job in Lush resulting in shop keys and more responsibility which is great. And the hours increase will be great for my bank balance!
I have recently just come back to Dundee from a 2 month stay in Glasgow, living with my sister and doing two internships. The first at Timorous Beasties and the second at Bespoke Atelier.

I came home from New Designers and knew i needed experience if i wanted to get anywhere within the industry. I aimed high and wrote to Timorous Beasties asking if they had any places. Not expecting to be travelling to Glasgow two weeks later! It was by sheer chance that i got this placement so quickly, as i’ve spoken to other interns who have had to wait months in advance they are that flooded with requests.
It was such a wonderful experience, and my first week was the week before Design Week in London and new designs were being printed up to take down so i got to see both Ali and Paul printing and see the finished work. As you’d expect i was star struck. They are very much my Chanel of the interiors world. The work was exciting, dealing with huge amounts of sample requests and sending them out to customers and stockists. Which meant i got to see their huge range of designs up close and not just from a computer screen!
There was also drying of prints that the printers, Gavin and John had done to make it quicker for them to do the repeat process, again being up close to these designs and getting to see the full process of the way they print was very interesting and exciting.
In my last week i started helping Paul with the digital side of the companies designs. Feeling right at home at the computer! Fixing up little blemishes on new designs and helping to make new images from work created.
I was there for a month in total and it was such a great experience, but i was then straight off to work with Bespoke Atelier!

Bespoke Atelier is textile printing duo Marion Parola and Yvonne Elliott. This placement was very different to Timorous Beasties, as that it was very hands on and being very much apart of the “printing team” which was great, but so nerve-racking in the sense that if i messed anything up, id be messing up someone else work! Thankfully that didnt happen!
I would mix up pigment colours from their mood boards for their new collection and test them out by printing them and then deciding if the colours needed changed and what colours to add to make them right. I really enjoyed this as i had never done pigment mixing before at university (we used acid and reactive dyes and were never really told about pigment inks) so it was a new skill to add to the list!
I also did a bit of computer work for designs to be exposed on to screens and typed up a newsletter with help from marion and yvonne which was rather exciting!

But the placements had to end at some point, as my bank balance was running low and i needed to get back to work!

However, my trips to Glasgow are not at an end! While at Bespoke Atelier, i received a phone call from Dana at Timorous Beasties and all i could think was ” oh no, what have i done!” thinking id corrupted and important file or something! Thankfully Dana reassured me that everything was ok and that they wanted to bring me back in every Friday to help with some of the work load. Safe to say, i was and very much still am ecstatic about this. Proud as a peacock! I still can’t believe my luck and that i get to be involved with the work at the Timorous Beasties studio!

Some more news would be that i have been shortlisted to display my work at Interiors Uk next January at NEC with New Design Britain!

More about that soon. I promise!




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