So, a few months ago i had a huge craving to have my own material made into lovely shirts i could wear. Because, well the material was just sitting there in a box doing nothing. Then i got the amazing news that i was going to be displaying my fabric at The New Design Britain Awards in January. So ok, i won’t be making mock ups until February now, but i can hardly complain. I’m so excited to be at another show!

A friend of mine sent me a photo of a shirt he had bought saying that it reminded him of my work and then it dawned on me. Make men’s shirts too!

I’ve been making mock ups on photoshop this week and well, i’m rather excited for them to be made up in February and then get them photographed and ready for orders!

I’ve “borrowed” the photos from a certain online shop, and if they see this and want them taken down to get in touch and tell me also that they’d love to sell my work…heh.


I love what I do, very much, but everyone has their “dream job”. And I know that I’m probably doing what a lot of people consider their dream. Well my “dream job” is to be a Marine Biologist. I may not get a degree in it but hopefully in the future I’ll be able to work with some in creating textiles based around marine life.
One of my favourites being Speedo and their Fastskin creation, inspired by the varying skin textures of a shark. Creating a more efficient material for swimmers.
In the future i’d love to collaborate with other designers and biologist to create a textile that mimics a natural benefit like the streamline skin of a sharks. Perhaps an armadillos armour. Or geckos skin changing abilities into army wear. Possibly already been thought of or done, but I’m just batting about a few ideas!

I’m beginning to look at Batoidea’s or ray’s as most of us know them by. Looking into their classic shapes and forms. But also into some of the species migration patterns. Really quite a sight! Hopefully I’ll get some real studying done up close by visiting some aquariums or zoo’s and see where that takes me.

For now I’ll leave you with this incredible blanket of golden rays migrating south taken by Nick Allen for the Telegraph.



I’ve stumbled across these beautiful images by Erik Madigan Heck who has taken inspiration from painters such as Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard, showcasing the wonderful work of  Mary Katrantouz. Heck has beautifully blurred the edges between illustration and photography in these images with the help of Katrantouz’s vivid printed designs.

I really love that there is so much to see with Katrantzou’s prints. Lots of different images in one area. Like she’s “over-decorated” but taken it so far it’s worked.

Beautiful and very inspiring work

Yes, a well known phrase in the fashion world but i just wanted to share with you a few of my favourite “floral” inspired pieces from Alexander McQueen.
This is the dress featured on the front cover of the In Fashion magazine i posted a few posts back. Absolutely adore this.

Gorgeous butterfly inspired headpiece.

It must have been amazing to rock that dress.

I love the idea of a delicate veil and fragile flowers covering it. Almost like a death shroud.

Another piece modelled my my favourite, Erin O’Conner. I love the way Gaultier has almost pixelated the flowers in this Mexican inspired design.

Another gorgeous dress on the front cover of In Fashion Magazine, looking at structure and the use of flowers in this design.

prada menswear s/s 2012

An ever bold step for Prada again, taking on the bright and clashy “flower power” print in menswear for spring/summer 2012. I know a few men are thinking “the world is ending in 2012, it’s ok.” with a wipe of their brow.
Though i do love their take on a colour popping brogue.

And if I’m honest, men shouldn’t be afraid of colour. Take note of Brad Goreski
in this gorgeous orange suit by Jil Sander. He stands out from the crowd in their “stylish black”, and he looks great.