I’ve been updating my inspiration tumblr a fair bit tonight.

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I love what I do, very much, but everyone has their “dream job”. And I know that I’m probably doing what a lot of people consider their dream. Well my “dream job” is to be a Marine Biologist. I may not get a degree in it but hopefully in the future I’ll be able to work with some in creating textiles based around marine life.
One of my favourites being Speedo and their Fastskin creation, inspired by the varying skin textures of a shark. Creating a more efficient material for swimmers.
In the future i’d love to collaborate with other designers and biologist to create a textile that mimics a natural benefit like the streamline skin of a sharks. Perhaps an armadillos armour. Or geckos skin changing abilities into army wear. Possibly already been thought of or done, but I’m just batting about a few ideas!

I’m beginning to look at Batoidea’s or ray’s as most of us know them by. Looking into their classic shapes and forms. But also into some of the species migration patterns. Really quite a sight! Hopefully I’ll get some real studying done up close by visiting some aquariums or zoo’s and see where that takes me.

For now I’ll leave you with this incredible blanket of golden rays migrating south taken by Nick Allen for the Telegraph.


I’ve been keeping everything reasonably hush hush on here with the work i’ve been producing these past six months. Keeping everything secret until the opening of the Duncan Of Jordanstone Degree Show, which opened last Friday in a whirlwind. Only now am I slowly being able to make my way around the show looking at what everyone else has been up to. And it’s all incredible. If you haven’t been already, I suggest you get down quickly, as the last day will be this Sunday 27th May.

Anyway, i had a huge turn around in January, moving on from the cyanotype process id been focusing onĀ SeptemberĀ to December, but still keeping the floral theme strong. Even stronger in fact. It came about as i looked back through my research work and found some very strong and atmospheric photographs i’d taken and went back into researching a huge love of mine, Renaissance paintings by TheĀ OldĀ Masters. Wanting to takeĀ influenceĀ from their dark and dramatic paintings and opulent colour palettes to create rich and lavish designs for interiors. While juxtaposing the old style with new technology. I took on the design challenge to reinvent the floral design that is soĀ omnipresentĀ in today’s textile industry, giving it a classical twist while using the technology of the 21st century.

And that’s how my digital work came about!

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The deadline is getting nearer and nearer. There is that heavy feeling on my chest when I think about it. But it’s healthy. It’s spurring me on.
I’ve had a huge turn around and have started focusing back on some images I produced at the very start of my project.
Focusing on the colour palette of these images, being very dark and opulent they’ve reminded some of renaissance paintings.
I wanted to juxtapose the colours with the design similar of baroque and damask patterns. Which have given me some very interesting designs.
All in all, I’m happy with where I’m going now. Not feeling so lost. Which was needed. Especially now!
The top photo is my demask inspired print and the bottom, a digital idea.



So dissertation is done and dusted. Now the fear sets in with our up and coming Textiles In Progress exhibition. So I’m getting some wallpapers printed up for it.
Managed to get two done this afternoon. If they are put in the exhibition or not, only time will tell!





I’ve stumbled across these beautiful images by Erik Madigan HeckĀ who has taken inspiration from painters such asĀ Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard, showcasing the wonderful work of Ā Mary Katrantouz. Heck has beautifully blurred the edges between illustration and photography in these images with the help of Katrantouz’s vivid printed designs.

I really love that there is so much to see with Katrantzou’s prints. Lots of different images in one area. Like she’s “over-decorated” but taken it so far it’s worked.

Beautiful and very inspiring work