Hello everyone!
I’ve been incredibly bad at blogging lately but i’ve been so so busy it’s unreal. I’ve so much to tell but i currently need to sort out photos from a shoot that i did yesterday for a friend.

But i’m very excited to say that has now gone live!

I’ve been rather quiet on here. Mainly busy but also wanting to keep my stuff secret a little.
I’ve been mainly doing digital work now for the past few months with manual printing taking a back step.
To say id never used digital work before now would be scarily true. And I love it.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love manual printing more than anything but for this current project digital is fantastic.
I think with flowers, and the way I am doing it, the only way to truly show their beauty and colour is with our amazing technology.
Taking huge inspiration from the Renaissance painters, with their dark atmospheric colour pallets, I have created work, juxtaposing our new technology with the old, as their paintings then, are what our digital photos are today.

Anyway enough rambling for now. Here are some sneek peaks for you all 🙂




And so it begins.
The exhibition has been hung (and is hopefully still hanging!) And we’ve to present our work to our tutors tomorrow. Then we get our feedback Tuesday and then the exhibition opens!
Mixed emotions just now but hopefully it will all go well.
Pleased with how my space looks. If not a bit sad I couldn’t get more fabric samples out!


Ah so I have been away, but not been doing nothing!
It’s been all very full on at Uni just now, with an exhibition coming up and also the deadline for dissertation looming. Safe to say my head is still on!
My first design has come nicely together and has been exposed on to a screen.
Blowing up the image of baby’s breath then mirroring it, I’ve come up with, probably my favourite piece yet. Can you tell I’m pleased?!


I’m wanting to expand this design and have more “growing” upwards.

My main focus just now is getting more samples for the upcoming exhibition and also getting some Christmas presents printed up 😉

It all seems to be falling in to place,finally 🙂