So my marine inspired project? It’s having to take a back step just now as since coming back from New Designers last week it’s been incredibly¬†hectic. Today has been the first day where i’ve been able to clean up my room/studio in a long time. It’s still not totally clean, but I’ve had to do other things ūüėČ

Like, emailing, form filling, emailing,sending letters, emailing. Type up an invoice, of which i won’t say who it’s for yet. But will do in a few days.
But also,¬†I’ve¬†been doing some quick designing for Tiger Prints, Design A Print competition. Now, stupidly i left my computer at home while i was in London, so i returned home on the 4th July and realised that the competition finished at midnight on 5th July.
I know i don’t have any inch of a chance of winning but i thought id give it a go and whipped up 5 designs in the few hours on the 5th that i had spare.
It was great to work quickly and get back into designing after the few weeks off. So for that, i feel i’ve¬†benefited greatly. Even if the designs aren’t the most amazing pieces of work i’ve ever done.




All very different from what id normally do, with little colour and very geometric. Maybe my class mates have been rubbing off on me!

Back to those emails i guess…



Just a couple of images I’ve manipulated with 20 minutes to spare. This was an out-take shot id taken of my friend Louise resulting in an odd pose and creepy claw shadows in the background.


I love what I do, very much, but everyone has their “dream job”. And I know that I’m probably doing what a lot of people consider their dream. Well my “dream job” is to be a Marine Biologist. I may not get a degree in it but hopefully in the future I’ll be able to work with some in creating textiles based around marine life.
One of my favourites being Speedo and their Fastskin creation, inspired by the varying skin textures of a shark. Creating a more efficient material for swimmers.
In the future i’d love to collaborate with other designers and biologist to create a textile that mimics a natural benefit like the streamline skin of a sharks. Perhaps an armadillos armour. Or geckos skin changing abilities into army wear. Possibly already been thought of or done, but I’m just batting about a few ideas!

I’m beginning to look at Batoidea’s or ray’s as most of us know them by. Looking into their classic shapes and forms. But also into some of the species migration patterns. Really quite a sight! Hopefully I’ll get some real studying done up close by visiting some aquariums or zoo’s and see where that takes me.

For now I’ll leave you with this incredible blanket of golden rays migrating south taken by Nick Allen for the Telegraph.


My first proper use of my new graphics tablet. Which went down well. Though probably better to use it on a table rather than my knee.

I had some time to kill and was feeling creative so went and made this very bold jubilee inspired wallpaper, well if you’re that crazy to have it as wall paper that is!

I love queenie.

I entered this design in to It’s Nice That’s jubilee celebration article and it got published, along with other¬†incredible work by other designers and makers from across the land. My first published piece ūüôā

I’ve been keeping everything reasonably hush hush on here with the work i’ve been producing these past six months. Keeping everything secret until the opening of the Duncan Of Jordanstone Degree Show, which opened last Friday in a whirlwind. Only now am I slowly being able to make my way around the show looking at what everyone else has been up to. And it’s all incredible. If you haven’t been already, I suggest you get down quickly, as the last day will be this Sunday 27th May.

Anyway, i had a huge turn around in January, moving on from the cyanotype process id been focusing on¬†September¬†to December, but still keeping the floral theme strong. Even stronger in fact. It came about as i looked back through my research work and found some very strong and atmospheric photographs i’d taken and went back into researching a huge love of mine, Renaissance paintings by The¬†Old¬†Masters. Wanting to take¬†influence¬†from their dark and dramatic paintings and opulent colour palettes to create rich and lavish designs for interiors. While juxtaposing the old style with new technology. I took on the design challenge to reinvent the floral design that is so¬†omnipresent¬†in today’s textile industry, giving it a classical twist while using the technology of the 21st century.

And that’s how my digital work came about!

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In the next few days my work is going to be put up in Duncan Of Jordanstone’s Degree Show and on¬†Wednesday¬†i have ¬†to present my work to my tutors and examiners. Scary stuff, considering i hate standing up and talking in a serious note. Luckily I’m second in line to be seen so it will be over and done with in a flash.¬†

Then i can relax for a week until i receive my marks back. It will be like waiting to hear back from DOJ to see if i got in or not all over again!

I love what¬†I’ve¬†produced and very pleased and proud of it. That’s not something you’ll hear very often from me. Always critical of my own work. But most artist are, and should be. Otherwise we wouldn’t get anywhere.

There will be a huge relief after¬†Wednesday, as I’d like to say id be able to jump on my new knitting machine that i¬†received for an early birthday present, or start scribbling away on a newly purchased graphics pad. But, I’m having to clean, clean, clean.

My room is a tip (as every creative persons room should be ūüėČ ) with 4 years worth of, um well junk would be the word to others, but materials to me. Papers, pencils, paints, pastels, pigments and yeah, you get the gist.

Also cleaning the house from top to bottom, as with every year for the past 5, we are having a small gathering of people to celebrate the degree show and my birthday. And this year it’s my degree show ūüôā

I’m glad i’m itching to get a start on a new project, as it terrifies me to think of not having that drive to design.

I’ll just have to buy out the college material shop of their sketch books before i leave first…